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Fall Intramural League Signup

The Intramural season is quickly approaching! Before I share details with you regarding the Fall league options, I would like to take a second to share information with you about a change to the eligibility criteria for participation in the Asbury Theological Seminary’s Intramural program.

Starting in the Fall season of the 2019-2020 school year, those who wish to participate in intramural sports must qualify as one of the following: ATS student, ATS staff, ATS faculty, a spouse or dependent of those previously listed, or AU student.

For any questions in regards to this amendment in our policy, please email us at or call (859) 858-2093.

For those interested in one of our Fall sport programs, please be sure to sign up at the link below! Every sport option available between Asbury Seminary and Asbury University is listed on the form along with each league’s start dates!

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