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Dear Asbury Community,
Asbury Theological Seminary maintains an internal communication system to provide its employees and students with notice of events that impact Seminary-specific facilities, events, etc. — e.g., an active shooter on campus, a winter weather event that impacts office operations or class schedules, etc. Asbury Seminary calls this system its Emergency Alert Response System (EARS), and it is a fast and easy way for you to be notified (via text and/or email) of:
  • On-campus emergency situations
  • Dangerous weather conditions that impact Seminary operations
  • Seminary closings of any type
  • Other important announcements

IMPORTANT NOTE: EARS is NOT a substitute for, nor is it intended to supplement, any local, regional or national weather service alerts. (For example, EARS will not relay general weather alerts that come from local or regional services such as tornado sirens, severe storm watches or warnings, etc.) For such matters, the Seminary recommends persons subscribe to local services that send out alerts, purchase a low cost NOAA weather radio, etc.

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