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Dr. Alexander Negrov Speaks April 21 on Preparing Pastors in Eurasia

Join Dr. Alexander Negrov April 21 at noon in the Sherman Thomas Student Center (Cordelia B) for a Faculty/Student Lunch Q and A. Dr. Negrov will be speaking on Preparing Pastors in Eurasia.

Dr. Alexander Negrov’s scholarly interests and expertise are in the history of Biblical hermeneutics, New Testament exegesis, and the cultural contextualization of the Bible – particularly in the areas of spiritual formation and leadership development. Dr. Negrov is especially interested in religious and cultural studies related to pre-communist and post-communist societies in the Russian Federation and in exploring the relevance of moral and ethical issues for perpetuating and sustaining civil society, democratic institutions and a market economy. Dr. Negrov was born in Ukraine and lived for decades in St. Petersburg where he served as rector of St. Petersburg Christian University. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2008.

After receiving two master’s degrees in both New Testament and Old Testament at Briercrest Biblical Seminary in Canada, Dr. Negrov studied biblical hermeneutics and New Testament with Dr. Jan G. van der Watt at the University of Pretoria in the Republic of South Africa where he earned his doctoral degree. He is the author of Biblical Interpretation in the Russian Orthodox Church: A Historical and Hermeneutical Perspective (Tubungen, 2008).

Dr. Negrov will be speaking in Wilmore on these dates:

Sunday, April 17, 9:40 am: “What Is Easter Like in Russia and Ukraine?” and “An Easter Prayer for Embattled Ukraine,” 9:40 am, Explorer Class (and others?), Wilmore Free Methodist Church

Sunday, April 24, Preaching at Mt. Freedom Baptist Church, Wilmore, KY