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Asbury University Theatre Presents: Take No Prisoners

Asbury University Theatre Department presents “Take No Prisoners!” March 11-13 and 18-20. The show will be live streamed, March 19-20 at 7:30.

“Take No Prisoners! – Videogames, Love & the Zombie Apocalypse”

Taking place in a video game world, virtual characters are waking up and wondering why they’re here. Running from the players, they go in search of their creator in the real world, who needs their help as much as they need his. Full of swordplay, skater punk music, and epic adventure, this comedic fever dream of a play truly takes no prisoners! Scroll down to order tickets. Use QR code or WWW.OUR.SHOW/ASBURY-TAKE-NO-PRISONERS

Students, faculty/staff, and seniors: $6

FOR PURCHASING ADDITIONAL GUEST TICKETS FOR SPECIAL – Add your guests under the student/fac/staff pricing of $4.40 a ticket with processing comes out to $6 a ticket.
Children: Content: Age 11 and up. zombie apocalypse battle with stage combat, intimation of suicide that doesn’t happen, a light show, simulated gun shots in battle
Family/guests can sit together in our otherwise socially distanced seating. Masks required.
Questions? Contact