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Asbury Seminary Welcomes Four New Faculty Hires

Asbury Theological Seminary announces the hiring of Dr. Joel Archer as Assistant Professor of Theology, Dr. Steven Bruns as Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Dr. Joel Thomas Chopp as Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, and Rev. Dr. David B. Schreiner as Associate Professor of Old Testament and Inductive Biblical Studies.

“I am very excited to welcome Dr. Joel Archer, Dr. Steve Bruns, Dr. Joel Thomas Chopp, and Rev. Dr. David B. Schreiner to their new positions at Asbury Seminary,” says Dr. Gregg A. Okesson, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Each of these talented and respected professors will contribute significantly to the vitality of theological education at the Seminary.”

Dr. Joel Archer, Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. Joel Archer will be involved in the Bilingually Delivered M.A. in Ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Dr. Archer received a B.A. from Asbury University before pursuing an M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from Saint Louis University, an M.A. in Early Christian Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a Ph.D. in New Testament from Duke University (expected 2025).

Dr. Archer’s primary areas of interest include analytic theology, philosophy of religion, Wesleyan theology, and more. He is the author of The Problem of Divine Action(Cambridge University Press) and various articles in several academic journals.

He grew up in South America and is passionate about teaching Hispanic students to articulate their faith with philosophical and theological precision.  

He, his wife Shelby, and their two daughters, Ellie and Chloe, live in Versailles, KY. 

Dr. Steven Bruns, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Dr. Steven Bruns has been a pastor in the local church since 2000 and has served congregations in multiple states.

Dr. Bruns earned a B.A. from the University of Florida, an M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary, an M.A. from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from Middlesex University through the London School of Theology.

He served as the Chair of the Ministry and Theology Department and Bible Lecturer at Central Christian College of Kansas. He has taught for Asbury University, Wesley Biblical Seminary, and Asbury Seminary and taught Wesleyan Theology to clergy for the Agape Conference of the Free Methodist Church in India.

Bruns has written numerous articles for both academic and popular publications. He is married to Pamela (M.Div., 2004) and they have four children.

Dr. Joel Thomas Chopp, Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology

Dr. Joel Thomas Chopp currently serves as managing editor of Pro Ecclesia, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.

Dr. Chopp earned a B.A. in Ministerial Education from God’s Bible School & College, his M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and his Ph.D. in Theological Studies at the University of Toronto, Wycliffe College. Before coming to Asbury Seminary, Dr. Chopp served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College.

His book Classical Theism for Protestants: Thomas Aquinas and the Future of Evangelical Theology is forthcoming with IVP Academic and is co-authored with Dr. Thomas H. McCall. He is the co-editor of Science and the Doctrine of Creation: The Approaches of Ten Modern Theologians, and his essays have appeared in multiple journals.

He is married to Amber, who works for Ascension Health, and they have two sons, Matthias and Isaac.

Rev. Dr. David B. Schreiner, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Inductive Biblical Studies

Rev. Dr. David B. Schreiner was previously a professor of Old Testament and Associate Dean at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

Dr. Schreiner earned a B.A. in Biblical Literature and a minor in Criminal Justice from Indiana Wesleyan University. He then obtained an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Asbury Seminary. He graduated from Asbury Seminary in 2012 with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on the Old Testament.

Dr. Schreiner has published widely in the field of biblical studies on topics including biblical archaeology, the history of interpretation, and the exegesis of biblical passages. Along with authoring his book, Pondering the Spade (Wipf and Stock), he has co-written with other authors and continues to contribute to many top-rated international journals.

Dr. Schreiner is the co-director of the Chronicler’s History study group, a member of the steering committee of the Early Historical Books study group within the Institute of Biblical Research, and a member of other groups focused on biblical literature and research. 

Dr. Schreiner and his wife, Ginny, have three daughters, Maddie, Bailey, and Lily, and he is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church.