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Asbury Seminary Hires New Director of Global Learning

Asbury Seminary is delighted to welcome Mark Vermilion to the Asbury Seminary family as the Director of Global Learning. Mark has served full-time on faculty at three Christian universities: Indiana Wesleyan University, Taylor University and Lee University. In his 15 years of higher education experience, Mark has also developed academic programs and curriculum, led retention efforts, and developed online programs. He has also served as an organizational consultant for dozens of nonprofit ministries around the world.

The position of Director of Global Learning reports to and will work directly with the Provost’s office and Enrollment Management areas to ensure online learning goals are met as the program transitions from the distributed learning model to a global learning platform.

Doug Matthews and Kevin Bish both commented that Mark is deeply rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, and has a heart for students, a love for the Seminary, and a passion for formative online learning. Mark’s abilities and God-given talents will help advance the mission of the Seminary and move us forward in how the institution views online learning.