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Asbury Seminary Announces Name Change on Florida Dunnam Campus

Asbury Seminary announces that the Orlando School of Urban Ministry on the Florida Dunnam Campus is now the Orlando School of Ministry to better reflect the Seminary’s vision of The Whole Bible for the Whole World.

The new name reflects the geographical location of the school and encompasses the inter-disciplinary components of the faculty and theological disciplines offered, as well as the global population and diversity. The name also better reflects the variety of people focused on ministry within the program, including pastors, counselors, post-traditional students, and the like.

“The shift in name from School of Urban Ministries to the Orlando School of Ministry offers a broader description that is inclusive of the scope and reach of our mission in Orlando to post-traditional students,” Dr. Brian Russell, Associate Provost and Dean of the School of Urban Ministries, said.

Located in Orlando Florida, the Florida Dunnam campus provides students with a foundation for ministry through a transformative, effective and sustainable response to God’s call to ministry in metropolitan areas and beyond. Faculty from diverse backgrounds, with rich ministerial experience and theological training guide students as they learn to proclaim and live out the Gospel in and increasingly urbanized, globalized and technologically adaptive world.