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Community House

Community Formation

The Community House is designed as a multi-purpose building, to be used in creative ways by many people. The space, equipment, and amenities have been chosen to provide maximum configurations for play, learning, shared meals and culture, worship and simply relaxing together. We expect that several activities may be occurring simultaneously at any time, as it would in a home.

Building Access

Any person holding an Asbury Theological Seminary ID card (ages 16+) may become an “access holder” and be given access to open the Community House.

To become an access holder, a person must participate in an orientation held in the Community House. These will be scheduled regularly and open to all. Anyone who intends to use the access ID must attend the orientation. In the case, for instance, that a spouse or older son or daughter may be using the access card, they must attend an orientation.

The following documents will be available for you to read and sign at your orientation, and are available for your reference at any time.

Check calendar for availability prior to reserving a space…you are not able to reserve the entire building, so please be aware of previously-scheduled activities as you will be sharing the Community House space.

Last modified: January 11, 2024