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Heidi Heater

New Class Search on Connect

Find your classes more easily by searching for your classes by instructor, class title, course number, etc. You can also access the syllabus as well before registering. You can use the search to look for multiple words. For example: bauer mem will return all courses in Memphis taught by Dr. Bauer. Students will still need […]

Community Mourns Loss of Dr. Rick Gray’s Daughter

Asbury Seminary grieves with the family of Dr. Rick Gray, whose daughter, Erica, passed away after being involved in a car accident, Sunday, April 16. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations to the Harry Hoosier Institute in her honor. To donate in Erica’s memory, make your check to the Harry Hosier Preaching […]

New Single Sign on for Connect!

The new single sign on for Connect, Gmail, online classroom, etc. is now live! Functionally, it is still the same, only the look has changed. All credentials should have saved with this change. Click login to begin!