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Inclement Weather Protocol

Asbury Global

The Associate Provost of Academic Affairs along with the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services will make the final decision in the unlikely event that classes must be canceled due to inclement weather at any Asbury Theological Seminary extension site. Cancellation decisions will be made after reviewing information about road conditions, safety guidelines set by local law enforcement, and the response by our extension site host locations as early as possible (usually not outside of 72 hours of the start of the course). Although classes may meet as scheduled during weather events, it is understood that conditions may prevent some students, faculty, and staff from traveling greater distances. Every Seminary employee and student is expected to make a diligent effort to meet class and job responsibilities with the understanding that personal safety is an individual decision. 

The following protocols apply to travel interruptions related to inclement weather at an Asbury Seminary Extension Site. Please monitor Asbury Seminary email for notifications of weather-related cancellations or changes. 

  1. The Seminary will monitor any inclement weather forecast for the region where a site is located and may CANCEL the class or move it to Zoom delivery, depending on the severity of the weather event. If any changes are made, the Senior Enrollment Advisor (SEA) and/or professor will contact students via email. 
  2. If the class is NOT CANCELED, but a student cannot make it to the site via car or plane because of inclement weather, contact the Senior Enrollment Advisor (SEA) and/or professor via email as soon as possible to request the ability to join via Zoom.
  3. If the class is NOT CANCELED, students have arrived at the site, but the professor’s travel is interrupted, the class will remain in session at the site, but the professor will teach via Zoom. 
  4. If both students and the professor have arrived in the city of the extension site, but inclement weather has made it dangerous to travel to the site on one or more days of the class, the professor will teach the class via Zoom that day, and the SEA will send out a Zoom link to students. 

Online or Extension Site Course Instruction during Inclement Weather 

It is unusual for online or extension site courses to be interrupted by inclement weather; however, there are some instances when online instruction may be disrupted due to weather events. If the Wilmore campus is closed due to inclement weather, LITS and Helpdesk may not be available to assist with technical issues related to instruction. Furthermore, closures on the Wilmore campus may lead to disruptions to electronic communication between professors and students. Online and extension site faculty may need to make adjustments for students who have experienced power outages or internet outages due to weather conditions. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to provide guidance to students regarding missed course material due to weather conditions. 

Instructions to Faculty: If faculty are experiencing a travel impact that will affect your ability to reach the site due to inclement weather it is imperative that the Manager of Academic Affairs for Asbury Global is notified as soon as possible. 

When deciding to cancel a course due to inclement weather:

*As the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services are located on the Kentucky campus, it is important that the Senior Enrollment Advisors at the extension sites notify the Mgr. of Asbury Global of potential weather impacts expected to affect their area as soon as possible maximizing the time needed to make a decision.

Last modified: October 25, 2023